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Henry Wilson MBE – Projects Director
I started working in the community in 2005 when our church began a debt counselling centre.  I continue to be involved in our debt project as well as looking after funding for all the projects.
Before I got involved in Reach, I ran a small general purpose photography business in Haverhill, but officially ‘retired’ from photography in 2011, to concentrate fully on the expanding work of Reach.
I am a Haverhill boy, born here and attended the local schools.  As a child we struggled with poverty related issues and certainly know what it’s like growing up with debt and hardly any money!  But a strong work ethic and a stable family life sowed the seeds for the work to come at Reach.
There is something very special about family and have been married to Angela since 1988 and have 2 grown up children, and a beautiful little granddaughter born in December 2017.
Alongside my love for family life, I also love swimming, especially in open water, cycling and running (occasionally combining all 3 for a triathlon) and try to get out at least 4 times a week to pursue these.  My hobbies include 'capturing memories' (more than just photography) and building family albums.  Oh, and I do enjoy a glass of red wine (or two) dinner up the table, and it has to be proper coffee!