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Jo Goodhall – Community Outreach Adviser 
I have been working at REACH since September 2017 so am a relative newcomer to this job and this town!

I do not come from a debt background so am enjoying the challenge of this work; but what I enjoy most is meeting new people and as a community worker I have the privilege of doing this almost every day.  Previously I worked as a music teacher with babies & toddlers so it is quite a change of scene working with debt clients but occasionally you can hear us singing away in the office so all is not forgotten!

I was born in Gibraltar and lived there till I was 24 so to say that I enjoy the sunshine is an understatement – I love it!  I also really enjoy walking out in the countryside with our dogs that we foster from our local RSPCA centre, cooking and sharing meals with friends, spending time with my husband & two children, playing guitar, going to music concerts, reading novels and if asked what my favourite drink was, I’d be pushed to say if it was coffee or wine!

I recently moved to Haverhill with my family when my husband took up his new appointment as the Minister of the local Methodist Church and we have found such a welcome at our Church.  We have been here almost a year now and feel right at home!