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Justine Cammiss-Strudwick – Community Outreach Adviser
I was born and brought up in Haverhill as was my father- with his mother and father owning a Greengrocers in the town in the late 1960’s/ early 1970’s, so Haverhill has always been special place to me.  I am now married, to a man who has also lived in town and local areas all of his life and have two beautiful children.

I started to work for Reach in May of this year.  I have always been interested in the work that Reach does and the fact that it is for the local community made me want to have more involvement.  I have donated some items in the past and my son held a fundraising event at his school in aid of Reach.

My life has taken a very different turn this year due to the sudden death of my father.  This resulted with me refocusing on what is important- with the need to readjust my work/ life balance being at the forefront.  At the same time, as making many changes to my life, this employment opportunity was advertised and I was lucky enough to be accepted into the team.  Working for Reach has given me the work/ life balance that I sort after, a renewed feeling of self-worth and supported me with my mental health whilst I support my family unit to cope with the effects of grief; whilst being able to work with the people of Haverhill and the local areas.

As you can see, my family and my heritage is very important to me - hence, why my surname is double - barrelled!  I also enjoy spending quality time with my friends, extended family and other important people in my life; I enjoy ‘homemaking’ -  although I never seem to be able to finish this task; and being outdoors- I don’t mind where I am but being in the fresh air does help to ‘blow the cobwebs away’.  I do also enjoy crafting, although due to the changes that have occurred recently in my life, this has been put on the back-burner for a while.  I always try to stay optimistic and see the positives in situations.  I am approachable and friendly and always try to look on the bright side of life.  It is important for me to focus on what I have and treasure the here and now- and that’s what I’m doing- valuing every moment.