Is this the calm before the storm?  

We’ve continued to help many local people with food, Universal Credit applications, debt and more. So far, things have been calmer than we feared. But the next few months could see unemployment rates triple and a surge of debt like we’ve never known.

During lockdown, with our staff mainly home based, we’ve continued to help local people with food, Universal Credit applications, debt and more. Over the summer holidays, more families will need food parcels although not as many as we’d feared, thanks to Marcus Rashford persuading the government to extend their school meals voucher scheme. That was really welcome news!

But food parcels are really only a temporary fix.  They don’t solve the underlying issue, which is often debt. And helping people get on top of debt is why I started Reach in 2005. Debt robs people of hope – it leaves them feeling trapped, powerless, and dreading that knock at the door or the phone to ring… it’s exhausting and depressing, and it can put you on a downward spiral that it’s really hard to escape from.

We’ve helped hundreds of families to successfully rise above debt over the years. And in the coming months, we’re gearing up to help more than ever before.

Because as the economy shrinks and furloughed workers are laid off, we believe we’re going to see a storm of personal debt the likes of which we’ve never known. It will affect people from all walks of life, all levels of society, even those who’ve always been ‘successful’.

It could affect anyone. It could affect YOU. It may be affecting you already.

REACH is here to help ANYONE that’s struggling – including you.

If you’re struggling with debt or know you soon will be because your income is reducing and isn’t going to cover your outgoings - please, please get in touch NOW!

Don’t put it off until you get into real difficulties. The earlier you ask us for help, the better we’ll be able to help you to weather the storm and get your life back on track.

If you know someone else who may soon be losing their income – please forward this information to them.  We don’t want anyone to struggle when there may be something we can do to help.


Call us 01440 712950 or email

For a more detailed timeline on local need and our response, click here.